New Innova Resin Coated Premium Matte 260gsm Paper.

Now available from Innova Art, this ultra smooth flat matte surface provides a premium base for your inkjet photo prints.
The latest addition to the Innova Photo Art range of inkjet papers, Resin Coated Photo Premium Matte 260gsm is equipped withe all the qualities inherent in resin coated photo papers. An anti curl coating, easy feeding and a more affordable price point than most fibre based inkjet fine art papers, combine to make resin coated surfaces a go-to for many photographers. What makes this paper unique amongst resin coated (RC) papers is the surface. An ultra smooth, texture free matte finish which eliminates any possibility of reflections.

Creating a premium feel to your prints, the matte surface is particularly suited to printing highly detailed imagery. Capable of reproducing seamless tonal graduations and dense blacks as well as a wide colour gamut. Resin Coated Photo Premium Matte 260gsm is a great choice for printing both black and white imagery with deep blacks and smooth tonal transitions as well as vibrant colour images with pin sharp details.

Thanks to the flat matte surface eliminating reflections, unframed images will have no interference to the viewing experience. Framed images will be easy to handle due to the resin coated base. Compatible with both pigment and dye inkjet printers, and available in both roll and sheet formats, prints on this resin coated matte photo paper can be produced in a home studio or professional production environment.

Whether you are a photographer looking to print editions, a fine artist creating reproductions or a designer printing digital artwork. Innova Resin Coated Photo Premium Matte 260gsm is sure to meet your needs.