Alena Dvořáková & Viktor Fischer: WATER
“We barely notice the presence of water which is everywhere around us. However, in our previous project Missions, we worked in many locations where the importance of water became very clear. It is our goal to present to the audience some seemingly common-place topics that may go unnoticed and to stimulate the imagination of viewers, thus mediating new connections. This project, the same as environmental issues and our dependence on water for living, has no beginning and no end. 
All the pictures were taken in Europe. We have found over time that when presenting the down-sides of the developing world people often fail to see a connection with our local problems. The majority of Europeans are used to the situation around them and have a superficial perception that everything is all right. 
As photographers living in a problematic area, we wish to draw attention, using our professional means of expression, to the current environmental crisis, which is rapidly deteriorating.  In our project Water we strive to draw the attention of the public to various connections and phenomena which are generally overlooked or underestimated.  
A lack of water to provide for the necessities of life is the biggest problem worldwide. The growing populations of developing countries exacerbate this problem.  Almost one quarter of mankind does not have access to good quality drinking water, and half of the population of the world suffers from a lack of water for sanitary purposes. Every year five million people die of diseases communicable through water, which is a number ten times higher than that of those dying of war fatalities.. The current world population uses 54 % of all available sources of fresh water, and this share is expected to increase to 70 % by the year 2025 as a result of growing populations. However if consumption keeps growing at the current rate, in 25 years people will be using up to 90 % of all water sources. 
A lack of fresh water is now considered the second most serious risk, following climate change, to our future development. The world water crisis has been openly discussed since the 1990’s.  More than one hundred potential epicentres of wars over water are registered. In developing countries 70 % of industrial waste water is discharged into water streams without treatment. Excessive use and pollution is reflected in the condition of rivers, lakes as well as the condition of water and water-related ecosystems.  One half of the five hundred largest rivers of the world are seriously polluted, and one fifth of fish species are endangered. Due to untenable pollution or the drying up of water sources a new category of environmental refugees has emerged and every year twenty five million people join this category.   
Quick solutions are available but are difficult to manage due to their scope and financial demands.” 
Alena Dvorakova's and Viktor Fischer's photographs from the "Water" serie were printed on Museo Silver Rag in DotOrNot Art studio in Prague.